The great migration.

The GREAT WILDEBEESTS MIGRATION was voted the 8th wonder of the world in 2007.

Did you know that? It is an amazing experience like no other.

Each year from July, masai mara national reserve hosts the great wildebeest migration. It brings more than 1.3 wildebeest into a single massive herd. At the mara river they mass together before plunging into the waters to cross on the other side. They fights against the raging waters and the awaiting crocodiles which are rated the biggest crocodiles in the world. By the time they are leaving the masai mara they will have deposited over 60000 tones of dung.

Fact you need to know about the great migration.

1. Over 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,00 zebra and a host of other antelope travelling cross country.

2. Between January and March, half a million wildebeest are born each year in the Serengeti. In February, the month with the highest calving rate, around 8,000 wildebeest are born each day.

3. The Great Migration is the largest migration in the world. The animals travel a total of 800km or more.

4. The wildebeests travel together to overcome obstacles.

5. The reason why zebra and wildebeest graze together it is said that they eat different parts of the same grass. Amazing.

6. They have no natural leader. They end up splitting into small herds especially when they are grazing.

7. During the migration around 250,000 wildebeest and 30,000 zebra are killed as a result of predation by carnivores, but also from thirst, hunger, and exhaustion.


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